K5NQ – the Noisy Quail spotted in Houston

For all following the Rare Ones, K5NQ is in Houston attending the Houston Ham Fest this weekend 3/25/2017.  He is also on the Bands on his mobile rig this weekend!  Keep an eye out for that noisy bird!

4 Replies to “K5NQ – the Noisy Quail spotted in Houston”

  1. Hi to the RARE ONES just sending you a little note to tell you I have been listening to your net for about 2weeks,and found it very enjoyable.I am still a TECH studying to upgrade to GEN. Should like to ft in on theQ,usoThank’s again for easy listening.73 TONY KC2HXK.

  2. Tony,

    Thanks for the kind words! By all means, when you receive your General Tickets, please come by and visit the Rare Ones. We would love to have you onboard.


    Scott – w5plt
    Hanging Monkey…..

    1. Hi SCOTT thank’s for the fast reply.I will be listening for the REAL ONES as often as possible.73’S TONY KC2HXK.

  3. Hi SCOTT I forgot to tell you we have a good group here in the Sunshine states.Even though I have a 2call I live in the Sunshine State.We generally hang out on 146.410 (2 mtr’s) most of the time.Feel free to give a shout .73’s TONY KC2HXK.

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