8 Ham Radio Operators Receive Window Sticker Award from “Rare Ones”

The following 8 Ham Radio Operators will receive the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans personalized Window Sticker.  N5DHB, Big John and affectionate known as the “Rockin’ Bear”, is ecstatic of the response the Amateur Radio Community has embraced the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans.  Big John says, “My love for the City of New Orleans and the ability to share some of its unique history, traditions and culture with the Amateur Radio Community keeps me going!  Congratulations to the newest award recipients.

KB8CR – Charlie Rubenstein

KD4VTE – Richard Zoellner

KK4MES – John Baggett

KC1GQH – Richard Araya

KD0YVA – Timothy Hannigan

KJ4ZMV – Terrance White

KB5GH – Robert Fox

KC0WCH – Gary Harris

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