Frequently Asked Questions


  • I’m trying to find the “Rare Ones” what frequencies do ya’ll hang out on?

Lately, the “Rare Ones” can be found on 7.260 MHz +/- 5 kHz. on most nights around 1930 CST to 2130 CST.  This is not definitive.  We are an elusive group, but want to talk with you!  So, come find us.  Generally, on the General Portions of 40 or 80 Meter Bands.

  • Are the “Rare Ones” a net?

The “Rare Ones” of New Orleans is a group of local hams which promote the City of New Orleans, its unique Culture, History and Traditions.  If you find this interesting, please stop in and chat with us for a few.  To answer the question, the “Rare Ones” is not a net..

  • Why are there animals next to your pictures on the “Meet the Rare Ones” page?

In addition to  promoting the City of New Orleans, the “Rare Ones” of New Orleans wish to promote the Audubon Zoo.  Each “Rare One” has adopted an animal figure to represent a personal connection with the Audubon Zoo.  Some call us crazy but we just think we’re unique!  If you happen to come to New Orleans for a visit, please stop by the Audubon Zoo with your family.  The Audubon Zoo is rated one of the top ten in the United States.  In addition to see a wide variety of animals at the zoo, you might just seeing a “Rare One” or two !